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What to Expect With the 2020 Bronco When it Drops

As the calendar continues the flip, you’ll find that we have more and more to be excited about in the automotive industry. It’s definitely a landscape that is constantly changing as manufacturers not only come out with new technology to implement in their cars but also new cars and platforms that revive older machines that we know and love. For example, a vehicle but everybody loves in the Ford Bronco is one that has laid dormant for quite some time, leaving enthusiasts to grab an old one if they want to get their fix, however, in a couple of years we’ll be able to see the 2020 version of the truck.

While we have heard that the Bronco is coming back and the planned date is in 2020, we’ve yet to be filled in with the full details on what exactly you might be expecting when it does come back. Will it be a two-door or a four-door? Will you be able to choose from both? What will the engine size and forced induction combo be and what platform will it all be built off of? There are so many different things that have been a toss-up because we’re pretty much in the dark on most of what exactly the Bronco is supposed to be. However, there are surely lots who are excited to find out what they’ll be getting when the truck is back on the marketplace.

If you check in with the video below, you’ll be taken on a guided tour of exactly what companies like Ford have been up to in the past and how that might indicate exactly what we can expect out of them in the future. This most definitely is not an exact science but using methods like this might be a good way to figure out what exactly we can expect from a vehicle like the Bronco. Sometimes, when companies bring these nameplates back, they can be vastly different from what we’ve grown used to so it will be very interesting to see if the Bronco does the same.



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