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Whatever Happened To Jesse James?

Here in America, it’s no secret that our culture tends to gawk over celebrities and can downright become obsessed with them. If you were around in the first decade of the 2000s, you know that Jesse James is one of those figures that blew up to be larger than life, not for all of the reasons that he may have wanted, though.

In this video, we’re able to check out what exactly went into this bad boy’s rise to ultimate fame and eventual fall that would take him through all sorts of different scandals that kept on bringing him back to the limelight, even when he probably wished that he’d be able to just evade the spotlight altogether.

From cheating on Sandra Bullock which exploded in the press in 2010 to deciding to shut down his world renowned motorcycle shop, West Coast Choppers, and leaving California altogether, his career has taken lots of ups and downs but we’d think that such a polarizing figure would seem to be one that would stay in the limelight in one way or another, even if it wasn’t for being a squeaky clean role model.

However, before long, James would find his way to slide out of the frenzy of attention, just the way that he wanted it. Why did America stop focusing on James and what happened to allow him to run away with his money and live a quiet life? Well, the video below tells you the entire story so I would recommend starting there to go along on this wild ride that is the saga of Jesse James.

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