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What’s inside a Tesla Tire?

As time moves on, I don’t think it’s necessarily any big secret that automobiles are getting more and more complicated with all sorts of different technology on tap to make things little bit more convenient for the operator. However, when it comes to being a mechanic that’s tasked with working on all these things, those individuals are certainly going to have to go through a little bit of a learning curve for these new vehicles, especially when you consider vehicles like the offerings from Tesla that take a traditional internal combustion combination and turn it into something else entirely with full electric power.

One thing that you would think would not change very much, though, at least in the early renditions of Teslas would be the tires. On the surface, after all, they look exactly like regular tires with not much signifying that they could be anything special. However, when the YouTube channel by the name of What’s Inside would end up running over some road debris with their Tesla Model X, it turned out that the local tire shop simply didn’t want to take on the task of repairing one of the tires on the SUV, claiming that the runflat technology implemented in these vehicles is something that they simply don’t want to work on. Not only does it seem to be something that could be a little bit more complicated but also, if they end up destroying the tire further, we assume that it would be pretty darn expensive item to replace.

If you follow along with the video below, you’ll be able to see the situation and how this YouTube channel that specializes in cutting things open to see what lies within takes full advantage of the situation in order to see exactly what it is that’s inside of one of these Tesla tires that makes it tough to work on, even for an experienced tire shop.