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What’s inside EXPLODING Fire Extinguisher Balls?

When it comes to ways to suppress fire, you may be familiar with different kinds of fire extinguishers and maybe even the sprinkler systems put in place in your ceiling to release chemicals to get rid of the fire should one happened to burst out inside.

In this situation, however, we check out yet another method of fire suppression that happens to be pretty obscure, bringing an explosion into the mix as these exploding balls of fire suppression show us something that we might have never seen before and allow us to dissect them to see what’s inside.

This one has it all when it comes to explosions as it combines a rather obscene amount of powder with a device that these guys say it is somewhat similar to a fireworks setup. The result is something that’s incredibly interesting to keep your eye on.

Feast your eyes on the video below that takes you inside of one of these interesting devices to see exactly how an exploding fire extinguisher ball works. This definitely isn’t something that you’re going to see every day so take the chance to check it out while you can!