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Wheel Spacers are Widely Criticized, but are They Actually Dangerous?

It really seems like in the day and age of having the most information that could ever possibly be available right at your fingertips, that people would use that information to do research and inform themselves to make better decisions. However, instead of doing that, many react in the exact opposite direction. Instead of going out there and informing themselves, they immediately hop to criticizing the topic at hand because of some more than likely inaccurate information that they might’ve heard from a friend of a friend that has been passed down in a sort of tall tale format.

This time, the topic that we are taking on is that of wheel spacers. It seems like anywhere that you go, people are pretty quick to condemn using them and therefore, they have gained quite a bad reputation. However, even though it has become an idea that’s been ingrained in our minds, that isn’t to say that it’s necessarily true and this time, we get yet another take on wheel spacers that asks the question “Are wheel spacers actually dangerous and or bad for your vehicle?” There has to be two sides to every story if they are actually being produced, after all.

This time, we get the perspective of internet mechanic, ETCG1 as he takes us inside of his use of wheel spacers and how he answers to people who always seem to have an issue with him whenever he talks about the use of them in a video. It’s not every day that you’ll run into somebody who is able to defend their actions with actual information instead of an emotional rant but this time, we get just that as he lays out exactly what he thinks of the spacers and how he feels they fit right into his vehicle.