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Wheels Up Camaro SMASHES Oil Pan

Wheels Up Camaro SMASHES Oil Pan

This Chevrolet Camaro owner probably never expected to go for such an expensive ride when he lined up for a simple test n’ tune pass. Check it out as the driver launches on nitrous and yanks the front wheels up! At this point, the car looks like it’s about to take off into orbit.

Unfortunately, the wheelie ended with a pretty hard thud which made this pass more expensive than originally anticipated as the oil pan shatters. After the damage is done, oil goes everywhere and it looks like it causes the car to slide toward the wall as we fear a wreck.

Luckily though, the driver was somehow able to keep the car from sliding into the wall. To say that the track was hooking that day would be a wild understatement.

Check out the nitrous LS3 car in the video below.