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Wheels Up, Candles Lit! Daddy Dave VS Tony Bynes

Daddy Dave is not one to back down from a race, even when he’s lined up with one of the legends of the grudge world.

If you’ve ever followed any grudge action, you’ve almost certainly heard the name Tony Bynes. Bynes is a legitimate legend in the grudge and no-time world, serving in a number of roles on some of the most badass cars to ever (not) light the scoreboard. However, he’s most known for his driving prowess, followed closely by his trademark smack talking.

Generally speaking, Tony doesn’t lose often, though he also doesn’t cherry pick easy wins, so when he decided to line up with Daddy Dave, many likely expected Tony to take the win in his nitrous-huffing Camaro known as Choppa. However, despite Bynes making a solid pass, Dave pulled out the win with a stellar run, putting the grudge legend on the trailer with a run in the loss column for the night.

If we know anything about Bynes, though, it’s that he doesn’t take losses lying down, so expect him to be back on the line with Dave soon to try to even the score!