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When a Jet Ski Motor Meets a Small Aluminum Boat, Things Get Gnarly

Sometimes, when browsing across the pages of the web, you come across something incredibly cool that someone has made in the comfort of their own garage and you can’t help but want to get behind the wheel of it. With this little aluminum jet ski powered boat, we got that exact feeling, the urge that makes you want to rip into the surface of your local body of water. There’s something about watching this thing plow around in the water that really makes you want to hop behind the controls and have at it for yourself!

With the help of a 750 cc jet ski engine and some precisely cut sheets of aluminum that we’ve welded together, the person behind this one created what looks like a blast to drive out there on the water. When you think about it, this thing combines all of the fun that is a jet ski with the benefits of a small boat. Essentially, it’s like a go kart that you can drive on the water. I think that being in a vessel like this would give you even more confidence than being on a jet ski when it comes to blasting through different canals, rapids, and places where it happens to get a little dangerous and a tight fit.

In this one, we get a front row seat to the craft as it comes together, piece by piece, and finally turns into something that’s worth admiring. If what you want is an all-out blast in a bite-sized toy that’s ready for the water, this fun little machine should be something that’s right down your alley that could definitely help you to achieve that goal.

Now, all that this thing needs is some sort of forced induction through the means of a turbo or supercharger and maybe a little hit of nitrous and it might just be even cooler than it is now which doesn’t look like an easy task to accomplish!