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When Burnouts On The Street Are Frowned Upon, Just Use Your Trailer!

As gearheads, no matter what facet of the automotive community you happen to be involved in, I think that most of us can appreciate a good burnout. However, as it turns out, burnouts can actually be quite illegal. To us, they might be nothing more than a fun smoke show, but in reality, to the police, they are in an illegal exhibition of speed amongst other things depending on how they’re feeling that day. If they really want to throw the book at you, you could get in a lot of trouble for burning rubber depending on where you’re at and how hard you’re doing it.

This time, though, it seems as if the display in question might’ve been in an area where it might have been a little bit frowned upon. Instead of just packing up and heading home, this individual decided to get a little bit creative. No, he wouldn’t set up any sort of roadblock to get in between himself and the police or attempt to do his burnout and take off into the distance, but what he did decide to do was definitely a show that’s worth a couple of seconds of your time to tune into and watch. We definitely have to give this guy a 10 out of 10 for burnout creativity here as it’s not too often that you’d see a display like this.

By following the video below, you’ll check out what might be one of the biggest burnouts to have ever happened while on a trailer. Sure, this is something that we’ve seen once or twice but I don’t think that anybody is ever going to get sick of seeing tire shredding like this. After watching this one yourself, be sure to tell us what you would rate this burnout on a scale of one to ten.