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When It Was Time To Move This Guy Hooked His House To The Trailer Hitch…

Sometimes, even if the job might seem like the odds are stacked against you and your equipment simply doesn’t exactly stack up the way that it should, there still a chance that you might be able to get everything done if you have enough determination on your side. Now, because the equipment is inadequate in a situation like this, it’s not necessarily one that we would really recommend trying out for yourself but watching somebody else do it isn’t so bad. Hey, if the truck is going to get broken It’s probably better that you watch it happen in a video and not take that risk with your own machine.

In this one, we watch as a light duty Chevrolet pickup truck looks to bite off a lot more than it can chew, however, even though it looks like that rear suspension is really struggling, the truck somehow comes through with flying colors, absolutely executing a pull that seems to be swinging a little bit above its weight class. That doesn’t prevent this driver from going out there and taking a crack at it, anyway. To be completely honest, this one is a ton of fun to watch, as a result. You really can’t help want to cheer on this driver as he really takes a leap of faith on his truck here.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll be able to take yourself straight to the scene as someone is coming to the oh so bright idea of trying to pull a mobile home with their pickup. Like I said, personally, this isn’t really something that I would attempt to do, however, it looks like this particular individual might’ve had himself a little bit more confidence in his old Chevy that I do with mine.


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