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When Lake Geneva Mail Delivered by Boat, the Mailmen Are Going Swimming Sometimes!

When it comes to certain ideas like the mail system on Lake Geneva out in Wisconsin being delivered by boat, they might seem a bit antiquated, however, to many, it’s important to keep tradition alive and that’s exactly what a process like this does. Besides, when you think about it, something like this could add a lot to the lore to such an area and potentially be an attraction for any travelers who are looking to see the sights and are curious as to what this tradition that’s ages old is really all about, live and in person.

Every year, as the summer begins to come around, one of the more popular jobs that the kids will be attracted to is that of working on the mailboat. It might sound like something simple where you get to go sightseeing but it’s anything but that. While the job might be exciting and provide a little bit of intensity at an age where working generally means something a little bit more boring like slaving away at a supermarket or something of the like, It definitely comes with a little bit of a challenge as the workers jump off of a moving boat that’s rolling with a good head of steam and deliver the mail before running back down the dock and jumping back on the boat without any time to stop and think about it.

If you follow along with the video below, you’ll be able to see how the training for such a situation goes down and what applicants are going to be required to do in this line of work. As you can probably imagine, especially in the training stages, that means that a couple of mail carriers are going to go over the edge and end up going for a swim. I guess that’s a part of your initiation because this is one that requires tons of agility and speed and is probably something that you’re not going to get right 100% of the time.