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When Rednecks Get Bored Amazing Things Happen… Cheap Cars and a Dirt Road

If you’ve ever wheeled an insanely cheap car, you can probably attest to how much fun these things can really be to beat on.  As someone who has owned a daily driver that cost less than $1000, I can definitely say that there is no shortage of risk to be taken with a ride like this. At the end of the day, replacing the whole thing isn’t going to cost you as much as it might cost to repair one thing on other vehicles so why not have at it?As a result, you get demonstrations like this where people grab beaters like the Chevy Cavalier and absolute take them to the limit. There’s no telling what is coming next when machines like these are taken to the edge with a willing participant.  Another positive is that, the cheaper they are, for some reason, the less willing they are to break!

This time, it’s a low dollar duo that is taking on some of the hardest mechanical beating that you could imagine as they get drifted, race off-road, and are otherwise taken all the way to the limit, even drifting sideways on the street in traffic (which we wouldn’t recommend, by the way). I’m not sure about you, but to me, this certainly looks like a boatload of fun! Ipersonally wouldn’t mind hopping behind the wheel of one of these vehicles and having at it in the same manner that we see pictured in the video here. These guys really don’t care and it comes through quite clearly in this video.

Follow along with the video below that will showcase an attitude that you wish that you had toward driving. Such a carelessness toward driving one of these machines almost seems like it would be quite the stress reliever at the end of the day, taking one thing off of the list of items to worry about. After checking this one out for yourself, be sure to tell us what kind of antics you’d add to this already long list that takes these cars beyond what they were ever designed to do.

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Posted by SpeedShed: The Car Bible on Sunday, August 20, 2017


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