When you need a Welding Turntable But $5k Just isn’t in the Budget, You Improvise.

When it comes to furnishing your own personal garage with all the tools that you ...

When it comes to furnishing your own personal garage with all the tools that you could ever want or need, I’m sure that we all have our very own list of wants and needs in our heads, however, when it comes down to reality, it turns out that you can’t always get exactly what you want. Sometimes, when it comes to looking at the price of various tools, purchasing them isn’t necessarily something that’s realistic and even if you can afford some tools, how much you’re really going to use them sometimes can dictate if a purchase is really even worth your while.

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This time, we head out to Midwest Street Cars when the job called for a custom welding turntable, however, the guys didn’t happen to have one on hand so, as we previously mentioned, they decided that it would be in their best interest to simply make do with what they had. While a job might be easier done with some of these more expensive tools, sometimes, I guess you’re just better off dealing with what you have. Heck, sometimes, the hand done job might even be as close to if not better than what you could do if you had the extra machinery to play around with.

Check out the video down below as Monkey, one of the master fabricators that you’ll find at Midwest Street Cars, does his best without all those high dollar tools. I guess that you could say that with this job, he isn’t monkeying around! It really looks like he’s getting right down to business and doing the best he can with the tools that are right at his fingertips. With the way that everything that comes out of that shop runs, you can’t really argue with the way that they get down, either!

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