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When Your GT350 Gets Taken Out by an 18-Wheeler, Might as Well Break Out the Go-Karts

Some days, the luck just doesn’t weigh in your favor. Maybe it’s the universe’s way of telling us to sleep it off and try again another day. For SpeedSociety’s Alex Laughlin, in his second-ever vlog video, a streak of bad luck would come his way. However, Laughlin would keep on pushing through it with the hopes of leaving the back luck in the rearview.

To kick off the Vlog, the drag racing champion would hop behind the wheel of a Shelby GT350 in order to take a little bit of a road trip. The goal was to get to Tulsa, OK on a trip that should’ve taken just 5 1/2 hours. However, very shortly after beginning the trip, the GT350 would get into a little bit of an entanglement. Apparently, a tire on a nearby semi-truck decided that it didn’t want to hold its pressure anymore. Therefore, it would explode, actually taking out the front bumper of Alex’s Mustang.

For a lot of folks, this would probably deter them, making for a good excuse to call off the trip. However, Laughlin would head back to the shop as they were close enough to make the drive. From there, Laughlin and his wife, Sierra, would proceed along on their journey to go go-karting. Throw in a stop at Joe Exotic’s exotic animal park and you have yourself a little bit of a road trip.

At the end of the video, Laughlin finally has the chance to reverse his bad luck out there on the race track. Would he be able to take everybody else out and reign supreme? It certainly would put a nice silver lining around the damper that the GT350 damage decided to cast at the beginning of the vlog! Let’s just say that things started off with a bang once the crew hit the track! – alexlaughlin40.com