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Where Are They Now? Paul Teutul Jr. From American Chopper

For some time, American Chopper was one of the most-watched reality shows on television, especially of those that were related to the automotive industry. The combination of palpable family tension between father and son co-owners Paul Teutul Sr. and Jr. combined with the undeniably badass work the Orange County Choppers shop churned out made for great television that kept the show atop the rankings for quite some time.

However, as is often the case with family businesses, the tensions eventually led to an irreparable rift between the two Pauls and Junior left to start find his own way. Recently, Paul Jr. showed a group of his latest designs at a bike meet, most likely in the New York area based on his new shop’s location in Montgomery, NY. Paul talks briefly about doing his own thing with his new shop, which is just getting up and running, then talks about a couple of the bikes he brought with him to the show. While we only get a brief look at the hotrod themed bike, which looks to be a project we would love to know more about, he spends a few more moments talking about the P51 Mustang-themed build that got him a win against not only his former company, Orange County Choppers, but also against the man against whom all others are judged in the custom bike world, Jesse James.

The bike certainly features some amazing work and shows just how far Paulie is willing to go to elevate the custom chopper game. From the riveted tank and fenders to the custom 30″ wheels, the WWII fighter-inspired bike also features a unique exhaust that exits out the side of the fuel tank. While it may not be ideal for riding, having the exhaust blasting just a couple of feet from your face and heating up the fuel inside the tank, the exhaust is absolutely a trick touch that perfectly showcases Junior’s famed creativity. We hope to see much more out of the younger Teutul very soon, as he’s likely only going to continue to work toward building his brand to separate from his former employer.