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What did Street Outlaws Shawn Do Before the Show + All About NEW Murder Nova

This upcoming June, June 10th to be more specific, the Street Outlaws saga will have aged half of a decade, ringing up five years of being one the best racing shows to ever hit the television screen and over those five years, let’s just say that things have changed quite a bit. From the original season where we were basically just checking in on a bunch of guys from Oklahoma to today’s drama that has escalated to the point where everybody is looking to come up with a faster formula than one another and the crew is traveling the country to take on all comers, the show has undergone quite a substantial bit of growth as we watch cars come and go.

A couple of months ago, we would find another addition to the list of cars that have undergone a little bit of a facelift to stay relevant with the competition in what’s known as the New Murder Nova.

As you know, Shawn has always been a strong presence toward the top of the list in the 405 and in order to continue to do so, he has to keep on making his machine and his abilities bigger and better just like everybody else. In a community that is evolving very quickly, remaining stagnant is a good way to make sure you get forgotten about so Shawn is definitely making it all work out in his favor by keeping it moving.

If you tune in to the video below, you’ll get the quick rundown of Shawn’s background along with a little bit of information about the new Murder Nova (aside from the uploader’s little blooper that shows Daddy Dave’s Goliath). If you’re a fan of the show, this is one that you should probably dial your way into because you might just pick up a little bit of trivia information that you may have never otherwise figured out.