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Which Brand Windshield Wipers Are Actually The Best? Let’s Find Out

If there is money to be made on something, we can almost guarantee that there will be multiple companies looking to create the product. Unless a company has a patent that copyrights their technology, all sorts of newcomers to the market will try and steal market share away. With that, we find all sorts of commodities that give buyers tons of options when they go to the store to purchase.

One of the products on store shelves that there will be an abundance of options for are windshield wiper blades. Now, the fun thing about windshield wiper blades is that everybody has their own theory on which ones to buy. When approaching the consumer thought process here, some think that the cheaper ones can live up to the more expensive ones. Others believe that spending money here is well worth it.

When it comes right down to it, though, what is the real answer supported by data? Personal experience is great and all but if there’s one thing that we’ve found it’s that numbers never lie.

This time, we follow along with yet another video from the Project Farm YouTube channel that takes us inside of a little bit of product comparison. As you probably guessed by now, this time, the channel takes it upon themselves to test out what the best windshield wiper blade is after one year of ultraviolet exposure. In order to do that, they literally left windshield wiper blades out in the sun to be exposed to all forms of weather.

As one of the most extensive comparison creators, Project Farm brings us yet another insightful video that might help us out the next time that we head to the store to buy wiper blades. So, at the end of the day, is this a product that you’re going to want to try and save money on or is it something that might be cheaper in the long run if you just shell out the cash upfront?