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Drake Talks Giving Away $1 Million, How He’ll Top it, As he Hops into LaFerrari

When it comes to levels of wealth, obviously you have your average rich people, your above-average rich people, and then you have people who have so much money that they don’t know what to do with it all. One of the beautiful things of being in that last category is that you’re able to give back and not really even have it put a dent in your pocket over it. When you put out as much insanely popular music as Drake has, I think that you could take a wild stab in the dark at which category he falls into and come up with the correct answer.

Love the guy or hate him, big moves like this really make it a little bit easier to appreciate that as he’s at least somewhat of a good guy, even if you’re one of those people who doesn’t know him personally. As it turns out, during the shoot of the music video for “God’s Plan,” Drake gave away $1 million. Now, that’s definitely something that is a drop in the bucket for a guy like this, however, nobody has to giveaway a million dollars. There’s nothing written in the contract of being a giant celebrity that you need to give away copious amounts of money, right? However, Drake took the budget for the video and instead of getting all sorts of ridiculous, decided to just film himself doing good in the community in place of the video which included helping kids in need, handing out money to people on the streets, and even giving one family a car!

Anyway, in the video below, you’re able to catch up with Drake as he hops behind the wheel of his LaFerrari, discusses what it’s like to give away so much money, and talks a little bit about how he might even top himself in the future. On a side note, you just have to be able to appreciate of celebrity who goes out and buys a car like this with such taste. In our opinion, the LaFerrari definitely deviates a little bit from the cliché that you might have come to expect with most musicians. If we see another celebrity in a Bentley, we’re going to puke.