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Whipple Topped Vengeance Camaro ZL1 Obliterates Drag Strip on Way to 9s!

It’s really ridiculous to see just how powerful some of these cars are coming straight out of the box these days. When looking at the sixth generation Chevrolet Camaro ZL1, consumers have 650 ponies at their fingertips to play with. That doesn’t seem like a ton in the scheme of all these thousand horsepower builds but let us bring you back down to reality. The truth of the matter is that most people haven’t even touched something with 600 hp. However, we know that readers of Speed Society, in many cases, aren’t common car consumers so we’re all thirsty for just a little bit more.

Should it come to the point where 650 hp just isn’t cutting it anymore, we have plenty of options at our fingertips. For those who want the job done right, sending a car off to Vengeance Racing is certainly a strong option to build a bit more muscle under the hood. It seems like everything they touch certainly turns to gold and some of their latest renditions of the ZL1 are no different. In fact, in one of the shop’s latest releases, we see a Whipple supercharged car that they have sent straight into the 9-second range. With some basic modification, that’s certainly impressive with a heavyweight like this.

By following along with the video below, we get immersed in the adrenaline pumping experience that takes us along for the ride with this Camaro that cranks out 868 rwhp on 93 octane and over 900 on e85! That 2.9L Whipple certainly screams and makes this car look like an absolute blast to drive. When complemented with a custom Vengeance heads and cam package, fuel system, and other supporting modifications, this certainly isn’t a machine to be messed with! You can see it wreaking havoc on the strip below in a display that should be heard as much as it needs to be seen.

Vengeance Racing WHIPPLE ZL1 runs 9.45 @ 148MPH

Another Vengeance Racing ZL1 in the 9's all weekend during the Cadillac Attack 2019 event at the Orlando Speed World. Jason Leiva hit his personal best with a 9.45 @ 148MPH – Full weight street driven Whipple! Whipple Superchargers 2.9L Supercharger UpgradeNick Williams 103mm Throttle BodyVengeance Racing Cold Air IntakeVengeance Racing Heads/Cam PackageKooks Headers and Exhaust Longtube HeadersBorla Exhaust ATAKATI Balancer and 9.17” Lower PulleyVengeance Racing Custom Fuel System and Flex Fuel SensorAlkyControl Methanol Injection SystemVengeance Racing Trunk Heat Exchanger/Ice TankVengeance Racing Valve CoversWELD Racing Drag Pack

Posted by Vengeance Racing on Wednesday, February 20, 2019

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