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WhistlinDiesel Puts Modern Toyota Hilux Through Infamous Torture Testing

There’s something that viewers of the WhistlinDiesel YouTube channel find so entertaining about watching the host destroy things. In fact, videos of him wrecking all sorts of different rides from squatted trucks to expensive cars and everything in between have drawn millions upon millions of views each. However, one of the creator’s most popular series was about the Toyota Hilux, a truck that really seemed like it couldn’t be destroyed.

Even though the creator has a knack for destruction, the Hilux would prove to be a rather sturdy machine that was relatively exempt from most of the challenges that were thrown in its direction.

This time, though, WD gets his hands on another Hilux. In this particular case, though, the vintage model is traded in for a newer one to see if modern Toyotas have the same braun as the old school machines.

Even though plenty of Americans probably have no idea that the trucks are still being made because they aren’t sold here, they are very much still active in other parts of the world. However, after watching how durable the old school version was in its destruction testing, we kind of had our doubts that Toyota would be able to keep up that same durability with the new school machine.

In the video below, we follow along as our host does just about everything that he can to smash this Hilux to pieces. He even takes a moment in the middle of the destructive behavior to go ahead and race a Lamborghini in a field. That’s right, there are other people just like WD  who are very ready and willing to take expensive machines and beat them to bits.

In any case, be sure to tell us what you think of the torture testing down below and chime in with if you’d go with the new school Hilux or would prefer the old one.


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