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Who Needs A Truck When You Have A Wagon? Transforming A Volvo Station Wagon Into A Dirt Bike Hauler

Sure, you can just go out and purchase a vehicle that is as useful as you need it to be but what fun would that be? Sure, for most folks, if you had to haul a dirt bike, going out and purchasing a truck or small trailer might be the more economical way to not dig into your car and completely tank its resale value, but it doesn’t look like the owner of this Volvo particularly cared that much about the nickles and dimes. When this individual wanted to transform their station wagon into something that could haul a dirt bike, a trailer was nowhere in sight but what was in site was a nice litte grinding wheel that was ready to use its teeth to chomp through whatever was thrown in its way.

You don’t necessarily need to be a genius to see where this one is going and watching the action is oh so satisfying as this guy takes the likes of his poor old Volvo and gets to cutting, completely disemboweling the rear section of the roof and doing some other small modifications in order to make this car the perfect home for such a dirt bike. Honestly, a display like this is giving us all sorts of ideas as to the possibilities of roof removal and how you could take an affordable vehicle like this make it something interesting and incredibly practical at the same time.

Follow along down in the video below and you’ll be able to join in for the ride as this guy goes full maniac at his roof with the grinding wheel, completely removing everything that’s in the way of having a good time and his dirt bike. We’re definitely enjoying the heck out of the finished product here but I’m willing to bet that this dude’s neighbors probably think that he’s a little bit off of his rocker. I mean, it’s not every day that you see your neighbor hacking into the roof of their car for something like this.