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Boyd Coddington Fires Mike Curtis For working for Chip Foose

In almost any industry that you find yourself being apart of, there is more than likely going to be competition. This is especially true when it comes to the automotive industry with all kinds of different shops chasing down the same goals and competing for business.

This time, we take a peek inside of the rivalry between Boyd Coddington and Chip Foose, two guys who go above and beyond in extreme vehicle customization and restoration along with making their own custom parts for retail. Now, in this one, it isn’t about their direct competition for the consumer but rather, their competition for the best employees that they can get their hands on.

You see, it turns out that,  there has been a lot of back-and-forth between the two in terms of employees hopping ship from one to the other and this time, we follow along with the story of Mike Curtis when a higher up at Boyd’s shop finds out that he’s been designing wheels for the competition.

Check out the video down below that takes you through the entire scene as Mike tries to explain himself but ultimately ends up getting fired. Decisions like this might not be ones that are easy to make but in a dog-eat-dog world, sometimes, you just can’t avoid putting yourself in a hard place like this.

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