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Why did Richard Rawlings Fire Tom and Jordan?

At some point in time, for most people who hold a job with a boss, there comes a time where they need to move on whether it be via getting fired or quitting. It just so turned out that Tom and Jordan of Gas Monkey Garage ended up getting fired by Richard Rawlings and by their account, it wasn’t for reason that they saw to be deemed necessary of firing. At some point in time, everybody’s going to disagree about something but it just turned out that the disagreement between them would end up losing in their jobs and causing them to be forced to move along.

I guess that, at some point in time, this duo didn’t see eye to eye with Richard Rawlings and it prompted them to call him some colorful names. However, I don’t think this name-calling really sat well with Richard as he would decide to hand them their walking papers and send this duo on their way. In this one, they recall exactly what happened and how it spiraled into the position that they find themselves in today. They also spin out the interesting story behind their firing and how it has motivated them to do better things in the future. I guess you can say that it’s good that they’re flipping the entire situation on its head and trying to make the best of it.

Follow along to the video below as they think back to the situation and tell all about what they’ve been up to these days. Be sure to sound off and tell us what you think of the whole situation and how Tom and Jordan are dealing with it. I’m not sure about you, but to us, it looks like these two are taking the whole ordeal in stride and will fair just fine!