Why Doesn’t The Koenigsegg Regera Have a Transmission?

When you hop behind the wheel of pretty much any car on the road today, it will have ...

When you hop behind the wheel of pretty much any car on the road today, it will have a transmission. The transmission is an essential part of getting the power from the engine to the rear end efficiently which will then force the power to the ground and allow the car to move forward.

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This time, however, we check out a car that, believe it or not, is able to function without having transmission at all. To say that the Koenigsegg Regera is something a little bit different wouldn’t be a stretch of the imagination at all because this fact in of itself could boggle the minds of many.

This time, though, Engineering Explained is coming to the rescue to give us the lowdown on how exactly a car can function without this piece that seems essential to get any car to move forward with any sort of drivability. Therefore, it’s a pretty tough concept to wrap your mind around that really needs some explanation to clear things up.

Check out the detailed description below of how exactly all this stuff works and why the car doesn’t have a transmission along with how the drivability of the car might differ a little bit from a traditional setup. What is your take on a set up like this that forgoes the transmission?

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