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Why Electric Vehicles Are Actually Bad at Towing, New Cybertruck May Struggle at Long Haul Towing

As the calendar moves toward 2020, electric vehicles are really coming into their own. Not only have they made a strong presence on the market. Some might even be led to think that they will dominate the market within a couple of years. However, up until now, they have simply proven their worth as commuter cars. As we know, folks purchase different vehicles for different reasons. Even on the consumer level, there are lots of different needs. This leads us to wonder how electric vehicles might transfer to other utility-based jobs on the market.

For example, up until this point, our host over at Engineering Explained argues that electric vehicles haven’t been so great at towing. The Tesla Cybertruck promises to break that mold, though. The results are yet to be seen, of course. We’re going to have to wait and watch how it all pans out. We’ve been fueled with high hopes, though!

Today, though, we watch and learn as Engineering Explained goes over the current state of the electric vehicle market. In this one, we get to experience the full rundown on why the current offerings might not be so great at towing along a load. From the amount of energy required to pull a trailer all the way to battery capability, this one spells out the entire state of the union in this segment.

By following along with the video below, we learn about the shortcomings and what can be expected with the latest offering in the Cybertruck. There’s no telling how this thing will actually pan out once it does at the market. There are plenty of us rooting for Tesla in this venture, though! How do you think that the Cybertruck is going to do pulling a load when it finally does make its way into consumer hands? Is this the next big thing?


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