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Why is this BMW Wagon Trying to Take Down a House?

You know how there are some things you see and you just scratch your head and mumble to yourself and walk away. This is one of those things.

We can’t tell if this guy is really angry and trying to destroy this weathered old building, or if he thinks his BMW wagon is a makeshift demolition rig. Either way, he’s got his Bimmer strapped to the wall of this dilapidated structure and is trying his level best to yank it down. The first pull goes horribly, with the rear of the car lifting a couple of feet into the air while the building stands strong. The second attempt is no better, but finally on the third pull, progress is made… sort of.

Instead of pulling the support structure down and causing the whole building to fall, the guy pulls down a section of the wall. Regardless, he’s accomplished something most of us will never do; using a luxury grocery getter to tear down a building, or at least part of one.


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Posted by 4x4ing Australia on Wednesday, June 7, 2017


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