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Why Is This Brand New Ford F-450 Shooting Flames Out Of Its Tailpipe?

Sometimes, things just don’t go your way, even when you buy a vehicle that’s the top-of-the-line and you spend more money than you probably would’ve liked to get it. For Shelly Shields and her family’s new Ford F-450 Powerstroke powered dually, complete with King Ranch trim, that would be exactly the case. As soon as the family brought the truck home, they discovered something about the truck that really made it stand out from the crowd in quite the undesirable way. You see, as the truck will begin to heat up, eventually, it would end up shooting flames out of the exhaust, acting as a sort of massive rolling torch.

Obviously, when they discovered this problem, the new owners would take it back to the dealer and try to get everything sorted out. From what Shelly has stated publicly, apparently, Ford didn’t want to take responsibility for it and instead put the blame on the dealer. Therefore, the dealer would attempt to get a hold of the replacement parts but as that process would take months to complete, they would eventually end up just refunding the price of the truck. While that seems like the best way to handle the situation, it kind of has to stink big time to pick up a new truck like that and end up having to get rid of it while it still has that new car smell inside.

What exactly would it be that was at fault for making the truck spit flames out of the exhaust like that? After all, it does seem like a pretty dangerous fault to be made by whoever put this thing together. Well, in an official statement from a spokesperson from Ford, it was said that it probably is just something to do with oil or gas getting into the diesel particulate filter.