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Why on Earth is THIS Acura Integra Worth $40,000?

When it comes to the cars that end up being collectables worth a good amount money, it’s always kind of hard to pick and choose which ones are going to skyrocket in value and which are going to fall into oblivion, bottoming out with their value which is where most cars that roll out onto the streets these days end up. Because of this, I think that most people would probably recommend that you don’t invest in a car if you’re looking for a long-term return. There are simply too many variables to be able to determine if a vehicle is going to be worth a lot of money in the future or not.

One of the cars that you might not have expected to pick up in value as much as it did it would be the Acura Integra. However, as you’re probably scratching your head at this point, let us clarify. We’re not talking about just any Integra but instead, the American imported Acura Integra Type R that was created only for four years here in America 1997, 1998, 2000, and 2001 yielding only 3900 examples. However, while that number might seem like one that has a low enough production value to make this car rare, other factors have gone into really bolstering the value of this thing.

If you follow along with the Doug DeMuro video below that runs down exactly why the Type R is so valuable, you’ll hear him talk a little bit about some of the features that you might expect with the car along with how a lot of these machines were stolen and stripped down or built for racing. Therefore, as you could imagine, that 3900 number is probably shrunken substantially today, meaning that some original factory stock examples of cars like these could be worth up to $40,000.

I just want to know how many people are kicking themselves in the rear end right now thinking about how they modified one of these things back in the day!