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Why the 1000hp Yenko Corvette Could Be the Best Way to Blow $150k

When you purchase a car, I think that it goes without saying that you aren’t just purchasing the nuts and bolts along with the body panels, interior, and everything else that goes into making the tangible machine. You’re also purchasing other things that don’t exactly face you when you’re thinking about such a vehicle.

You’re also paying for the labor of the people who put the car together, the time invested by the engineers and designers, and you have to leave a little bit of room for markup for the company who made it to get their piece of the pie as well.

However, in addition to these things, when it comes to the collectable car market, you might be paying a little bit more for something extra as well. For example, if a car is a limited run, you might be paying for exclusivity and if the brand behind it all is reputable enough, you’ll probably be paying for that as well. This is very much the case for something like the recent release from Yenko in the Chevrolet Corvette that brings in a price tag that’s pretty wild but what you get within the package seems to have the backbone to justify it all.

If you check out the BigKleib34 video below, you’ll get the gist of what exactly it is that you’re paying for when you pick up a new Grand Sport and get the price tag double up right off of the bat. After spinning your tires through this one, be sure to chime in with your opinion on what exactly you’re getting for such a massive monetary investment and if you think that it’s all worth it. At the end of the day, being the chance to own one of just 50 cars in total is pretty alluring, to say the least!