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Why You Shouldn’t Daily Drive a Classic Car

As fun as it would be, generally speaking, daily driving a classic car is usually a pain in the butt. While there are certainly exceptions – so no need to flood us with stories about your uncle’s all-original daily driven 1940 Ford – cars just aren’t built to be driven consistent for 30+ years. If you think about it, other than a home, not too many things are built to last that long.

Rob Dahm and a few buddies took Rob’s 1967 Lincoln Continental out for a trip to the store to grab some Red Bull and ended up having quite an adventure just getting there and back. After making a quick stop to retrieve a lost hubcap – because those do occasionally come off going down the road without warning – Rob finds the car doesn’t want to start. Thankfully, Dahm is familiar with the car and knows exactly what it needs to fire up so him and his buds can get back without having to call a ride or tow truck.

If you’re thinking about dailying a classic ride, just keep in mind it may not always go smoothly.