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Why You Shouldn’t Run Winter Tires All Year – With Proof!

When it comes time to go tire shopping, there are hundreds of options to pick from. Even when you figure out what application you’re using it for, whether it be racing, daily driving, or somewhere in between, it can be hard to pick out just which tire combination is the best for you.

This is definitely something that you’re going to want to get right the first time because buying rubber for your car isn’t something that comes cheap. The price on all kinds of tires is something that can be pretty steep and it’s definitely going to be something that you don’t want have to purchase twice in a shorter span of time than necessary.

In this one, the guys over at Engineering Explained take a crack at laying out why exactly you shouldn’t run winter tires all year round. The compound might be helpful when the weather gets cold, but when it heats up, running these tires might be more expensive than originally anticipated.

Check out the video down below that provides you with some solid advice on picking out your tires if you’re looking for something that will be able to get you through the winter months without blasting a bigger hole in your wallet than necessary.