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WICKED 555ci Twin Turbo EFI Drag Boat

WICKED 555ci Twin Turbo EFI Drag Boat

If you were under the impression that our passion for speed was over when the blacktop ended, then boy oh boy were you wrong on that one. Allow us to show you why!

This time, we can’t help but admire a drag boat that’s the first of its kind. Not only does this monster feature a 555ci power plant, but is the first to be boosted by twin turbos and also have electronic fuel injection.

We’re in awe as this thing blitzes across the top of the water with turbos whirling as it makes a pass at Lucas Oil Speedway in Wheatland, MO.

Check out the boat, up close and personal, with Urban Hillbilly Videos below and soak it all in as this thing blasts through the water like it owns the place!

Watch as this Donzi power boat driver bites off more than he can chew and comes down hard off a wave.

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