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Dominator VS Squirrel, Wild Crash Unfolds at Outlaw Armageddon 5

When racers put their cars on the track during a racing event, they’re at the liberty not only of what they can control as the driver of their car, but also the uncontrollable factors at hand. There are a million considerations from mechanical workings to track conditions. Who knows how their luck pans out during the race? Just about anything can happen and this is what keeps fans on the edge of their seats.

This time, it’s Dominator in the left lane taking on Squirrel in the right. It’s a battle that has both drivers going sideways! This race at Outlaw Armageddon definitely was one that ended up escalating quickly.

As the cars rocketed off of the line, it looked like Squirrel had the win in the bag. Almost immediately, Dominator lost traction and veered toward the wall. Fortunately for him, though, he managed to pull the car out of harm’s way. Instead, Squirrel would end up getting out of shape further down the track. While a lower speed loss of traction might be easier to correct, the higher speed skid wasn’t so repairable. In fact, there was almost no chance that the driver would be able to recover from this one.

We watch the incident as the machine slides out with a head of steam. The car hit one wall before veering across the track and nearly involving Dominator as well.

Both of the drivers would escape without life-threating injuries, which is the most important thing in any situation like this. You never want to be in a situation like this and the majority of us would never even wish this on our worst enemies. However, once it begins to unfold, all that the drivers can do is hold on and hope for the best! Sometimes, they come out on all fours and other times, things don’t go so well.

You can catch the action from the National No Prep video in the clip below. This is why you have to be ready for just about any situation when you roll up to that starting line!


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