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Wild Goose Chase for Stolen Chevy Nova Comes to an End

Wild Goose Chase for Stolen Chevy Nova Comes to an End

If there’s one thing that nobody wants to wake up to, it’s a missing car. Unfortunately for Jeff Thomas, a missing car was exactly what he would run into. Apparently, under the cover of the night in Indianapolis, somebody would make off with Thomas’s sweet Chevy Nova, enclosed trailer and all.

Sure, it looks like Thomas probably had a pretty penny tied up in the combination. However, it’s really the principle of the thing that stands to irritate any good person who lays eyes on it.

One of the beautiful things about technology today is that it helped the story absolutely explode. In Thomas’s story and many others like it, once something like this hits social media, it has the tendency to get passed around a lot. Once the black big block Nova was shared around a bit, it seemed to go somewhat viral.

Many people in the racing community would have their newsfeed lit up with pictures of the car. It probably helped a little bit that the machine is so clean that you could practically eat off of it.

In any case, though, we wouldn’t want to be the lowlife that made off with the combo. A very agitated and united car community is not a body of people that you’re going to want to have against you.

Thomas would post several updates of where the vehicle was spotted throughout the day. Early in the morning, it was spotted heading south on a local highway. Before long, another spotting would come in at 5 PM and another at 7:30, renewing hope for a recovery.

The final spotting at around 9 PM would be what nailed these suspects down. When somebody noticed the combo out and about, they decided to follow the trailer and call the cops.

As it turned out, the police wouldn’t end up pulling over the rig and the trailer with the car inside, still intact. The original report from the owner of the car says that the trailer was being pulled by a truck that was stolen six days ago. As far as we’ve been informed, the car did have the hood pulled off and the shelves in the trailer had been gone through, presumably to find things that would be easy to sell. However, luckily, the Nova was still in one piece.

From what the original post tells us, the suspects had messages saying that they “Had a big payday coming” and “Needed a new truck and trailer. Luckily, though, this racing machine is going to be making its way back to its rightful owner!

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