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Wild Pedal Fest! Bird Boyz vs Kayla Morton at Hub City Dragway

The world of no prep drag racing is pretty crazy when you think about it. With all the power that these cars are putting to the ground, builders design the rides with the idea of having a nice and sticky prepared surface at the ready when they go to race. However, with the rise of this new trend, everyone has to retool what they’re doing and think about how they’re going to make this lack of traction work.

This time, we check out a prime example of two insanely powerful cars hitting the drag strip as Jerry Bird and Kayla Morton go head and head on a slick surface during the Fat Tuesday No Prep at Hub City Dragway down in Mississippi and the result gets incredibly interesting to watch.

Urban Hillbilly Action Videos is on location to shoot all the action as these two cars slide their way down the track, forcing the drivers to lift off of the throttle to try and gather their composure together and put as much power to the ground as humanly possible without losing control.

To say that a scenario like this causes an interesting race would be an understatement. Check out the video below that shows off this phenomenal battle and be sure to tell us what you think of the way this one went down. It doesn’t get much more adrenaline packed then these drivers doing everything they can to keep their respective cars out of the wall!