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Wild Police Chase Ends in Truck Flying Through The Air in Violent Crash!

In pretty much every case that I can think of, running away from the police probably isn’t the greatest idea in the book but for this driver who happened to be and an escaped inmate who walked off of a work release program, I don’t think that stopping and pulling over to the flashing lights and loud sirens behind him was ever really an option.

As for the person who captured the video of them running away from the police and dodging their way around the roadblock, the amateur filmer really captured a once-in-a-lifetime clip that you simply have to see to believe. It almost even exceeds something that you would see in the likes of a Grand Theft Auto video game.

Watch closely during the chase as a bystander and his camera and watches as the truck swerves around a roadblock, goes down into a ditch and launches back up off of the small mound, sending the truck into the air before it violently comes down again with a crushing blow that ended this chase in a prompt fashion. Everyone was alright afterward and outside of a crazy story to tell, it looks like nothing good came of trying to get out of lockdown for this offender.

If you dare to watch the wild scenario, you could check it out down in the video below. This is really something that only someone who was 100% desperate to get away from the law would even think about attempting to pull off. It leads you to wonder how much more severe his sentence will now be because of the incident.