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Wild Pro Mod Crash Sends One Car Flying Through The Air

Just yesterday, we shared a video from NHRA showing you just a few of the reasons why Pro Mod has become one of the most popular classes in the sport of drag racing. Today, we have yet another reason, and this one is possibly the most extreme example of the craziness that happens in the class.

This pass comes to us from across the pond at Santa Pod Raceway in Northamptonshire, England, where Pro Mod has built a massive fan base as well. Andy Robinson, behind the wheel of the blown red NGK Camaro in the far lane, lined up alongside the boosted Duster of Chris Isaacs in the final round of the National Finals.

I’m going to address something that immediately stood out to me: I’m not sure if there was a lighting malfunction or if Santa Pod is just not a well-lit track, but the lighting doesn’t seem to be same in my opinion. As a photographer, I’m fairly keen on track lighting and this place is ridiculously dark, especially around the starting line. While Robinson’s crash took place well down track, where the lighting seems to be better, there’s a very real chance that he began drifting out of the groove back near the starting line.

Robinson appeared to jump out to a small lead at the drop of the Christmas tree, but it looked as if Isaacs had closed that gap and pulled ahead of his opponent as they passed the camera. As the car drive back into the well-lit portion of the track, you can immediately see that Andy is out of the groove and track closer and closer to the wall. Rather than lift, Robinson continued to power toward the finish line, staying in the throttle until the car actually brushed the wall.

At that point, it was too late to do anything but hang on, as the car spun around and took flight, landing hard just behind Issacs, who’d just blown through the quarter mile, stopping the clocks with a stellar 6.57 elapsed time. This is what happens when a driver lets his ego and pride override his skill and common sense. I just hope that Robinson wasn’t injured in the crash and comes back to compete a wiser man.