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Wild Ride For SBC Nitrous Datsun Named Bowser At Lights Out 9!

Y’all might as well buckle up, there’s going to be a lot of footage from Lights Out 9 coming at you over the next few weeks. The annual small tire extravaganza held each year to signal the end of the winter break in the southeast, Lights Out is known to many as a massive party where some awesome racing breaks out, and the ninth running was no exception, with some insane numbers being thrown up and plenty of thrills, spills and carnage to add to the mix.

You can always count on the Small Block No Time shootout to give the fans something to talk about, especially when there’s a wheelstand and a crash in the same pass involving both cars, but with the cars never actually touching each other. One of the more unique cars in the SBNT shootout was this Datsun known as Bowser – yes, like the iconic Mario Brother villain – which used a ton of power from its nitrous-injected small block and short wheelbase to leave with the wheels high in the air each pass. However it doesn’t take much to upset that fine balance and, with cooler temps rolling in at night and the track biting hard, things can quickly get out of hand, as you’ll see in the video below.

Bowser carried the wheels almost all the way to halftrack before slamming back to the ground and drifting over into the other lane due to broken components in the steering. This caused the car in the other lane, a nitrous powered Mustang that had a bit of a snafu on the starting line, to veer into the wall to keep from hitting the slowing Datsun drifting into it’s lane. For those thinking the Mustang should have lifted earlier, the driver almost certainly couldn’t see across into the other lane due to the hood scoop, which blocks a large portion of the driver’s view to the right.

Both drivers were uninjured, thankfully, though both hotrods were pretty heavily damaged in the incident. Look for more action from the SBNT Shootout and the other classes at Lights Out 9 coming at you soon!