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Will Bulletproof Automotive Glass Stop A .50 Cal?

Well if you’ve ever wondered if your car will survive an attack from a 50 caliber sniper rifle, we can answer that question for you with this video from YouTube channel FullMag.

Despite doing some major damage to the bulletproof glass panel, the might Barrett 50 cal isn’t able to penetrate the glass, meaning if you fear being attacked by random snipers and you have bulletproof windows, you should be safe. While we certainly wouldn’t advocate taking our your armored Hyundai and opening fire with that Barrett you’ve been itching to try out, we would like to see more videos like this, as the slow motion footage and massive impact is pretty dang cool.

Watch this video and see for yourself just how well this bulletproof glass holds up to one of the more powerful rounds the general public is likely to get their hands on.