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Will A Car Drive If You Chain The Wheels Together?

If you take a minute to browse across many of the random experiments that you will find on YouTube, you’ll be able to finally fulfill those dreams of trying out different things that you would never have thought of. Let’s be honest, if there weren’t somebody on YouTube trying out all these wacky ideas, you more likely than not would have never considered the idea of strapping your wheels to one another and creating a large amount of resistance to see what happens next but now you can’t look away as it’s been made and you get to sit back and watch.

This time on the Garage 54 YouTube channel, you get to see just said experiment unfolding in front of your eyes. With most of these experiments, it almost sounds like a formula for disaster straight from the beginning and, at least to me, this one is certainly no different as early predictions don’t look promising.

When everything lays in just the right place, eventually, we see that the idea is just as catastrophic as it sounds, pounding the accelerator with the wheels being yanked in opposite directions and, as the experiment gets deeper into the trial, it just seems like things keep on getting worse and worse.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll be able to watch what happens when someone who was dreaming of disaster sees what happens when your car is exposed to a set of conditions that is definitely pretty far from ideal and has that looming disaster kind of suspense hanging over the situation.

After checking this one out for yourself, be sure to tell us what you think of the results presented in this wacky experiment that might just get you thinking about what exactly is possible with all of these off-the-wall experiments.


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