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Will Frozen Gasoline Burn?

If you were to think of the most readily available substances that are the most flammable, gasoline would probably be at the top of that list, but what happens when you take gasoline and freeze it before you introduce a flame to the equation? Will it still react in the same way that it does when it’s in a liquid form?

This time, we get to see exactly that from a safe vantage point behind our screens as the “King of Random” freezes a block of gasoline with liquid nitrogen and tries to see how its properties change. This one could definitely be an explosive situation if it’s not handled properly!

Will the block explode? Will it simply melt? Will the fire grow bigger and bigger until all of the fuel burns out? There’s only one way to find out and in this one, we get to see exactly how it’ll all unfold when the scene unfolds step by step to see where it all goes. Check out the video below that shows the experiment that we would recommend you don’t try at home!