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Will It Ever Stop? Diesel Powered Ram Rolls Over, Still Keeps On Driving

There’s certainly no denying that for most folks shopping for a vehicle, one of the most desirable traits that can possibly be had in said vehicle is that of being able to maintain reliability. With so many different choices out there and many that definitely don’t fit the bill here, finding a ride that will serve you for the long-term is certainly something that most would welcome with open arms. Some vehicles, however, really take that role and run with it, proving that they have what it takes to quite literally go the extra mile.

In this situation, we catch up with a truck that does all that and then some. The Dodge Ram pictured here just so happens to have Cummins diesel power under the hood and the truck is really flexing its muscles. One might think that after a rollover and being flipped back over onto its rubber, that just about any vehicle would have some sort of issue with staying running. However, in this case, even after being smashed up, almost beyond recognition, this Dodge seems to have what it takes to keep on trucking along. Well, at least so that it can manage to find its way onto a rollback to be delivered to what we would presume to be its final destination to be parted out.

By following along with the video below, most viewers might not be able to help but have their jaw dropped to the floor. Some trucks only promise to be tough and others, well, they just get the job done. I think it’s safe to say that it’s pretty clear that this Dodge is certainly living up to the expectation of reliability and then some as it shows everyone that there isn’t all that much that can be done to it to make this heavy-duty machine call it quits.


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