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Will Sugar in Gas Destroy a Vehicle’s Engine? See What it Does to this Engine!

When it comes to wrenching on an engine, there is most certainly a collection of tall tales that go alongside the craft and this time, we check out one that goes as far back as engines themselves, fueling those who have sabotage on their minds for decades.

Since day one, we have heard the myth that, if you put sugar in a gas tank, it would destroy an engine, ripping it apart at the seams and inflicting pure havoc on the motor until it eventually can’t take it anymore and simply quits on you, leaving you to need to spend some big time money.

This time, though, we see if that myth is reality or nothing more than a story that someone made up that caught on to be passed on from generation to generation. With the help of a lawnmower engine, this YouTube experimenter got to the task of seeing what kind of effects sugar would have on the internals of the engine.

Check out the video below to see what really happens when sugar is introduced to fuel. Even though I wouldn’t recommend doing this, the result might just surprise you. Do you think that modern fuels and engine technology might have something to do with how the sugar impacted the engine’s internals?


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