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Will This Device Replace Car Seats?

In some markets, there are a couple of products that have the entire customer base by the horns, however, when it comes the car seat market, it really seems like there’s a lot of competition and things are always evolving. With a lot of money to be had, you see car seats being developed and adding features in different ways each and every year. It’s a pretty good market structure all respects because, as there is a lot of competition, you really see the companies behind the seats going above and beyond in order to sell more. As a direct result of this, we see more of an abundance of safer options coming to the market and the keeping the safety of our children paramount.

This time, we check out something that is allegedly a device that attempts to replace car seats entirely. Instead of going for a creation that will compete in a traditional sense, it looks like the folks involved with this one decided to completely reengineer everything that we know about keeping kids safe in a vehicle. The result is pretty odd looking and has the opinion split but we think that it’s a different look that, even if it doesn’t end up selling in mass quantity, could maybe spark some ideas as to how to make the market as a whole better, acting as inspiration to perhaps innovate what we currently see.

If you follow along with the video below, you’ll be able see the inflatable safety device attempt to take a stab at replacing the car seat as we know it. We aren’t necessarily sure if the evidence supports this being statistically safer than a traditional setup, however, it certainly does make for an interesting concept to look into. Do you think that something like this could make its way to market in a big way or is the car seat market as we know it good enough?


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