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Will this PT Cruiser be able to drive after being crushed by a Hummer?

When Chrysler introduced the the PT Cruiser, it took the world by storm. Not like a hurricane or a tornado, though. More like those midsummer thunderstorms that just kind of pop up out of nowhere, make a little noise, drop some heavy rain for 15 minutes, then fade from the afternoon sky. Sure, it developed a cult following, but for the automotive industry, it was the car everybody loved to hate.

This guy decided to personify his hate by actually buying a 2002 model PT Cruiser – complete with faux woodgrain vinyl – and have a field day with it. First, he updates the interior with some Sherwin Williams Lime-A-Licious paint, then hammers some extra wood paneling to the sides! Then he completely trashes the interior with coke and popcorn, slices up the seats and catches them on fire, and otherwise trashes the Chrysler before finally getting to the main event: running over it with a Hummer H1!

Up on the hood and then onto the roof he goes, leaving a deep canyon up the front 3/4 of the car. Then he backs the Hummer off and, just for fun, cranks the PT up, and it actually cranked and was somewhat drivable, although it does sound like its on its last leg following being squashed!


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