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Wing Walker Jumps from Airplane – Wing Walking Stunts in 4K!

For those who classify themselves as “thrill seekers,” you have to realize that this kind of person comes in all different levels. This display just so happens to involve someone who really gravitates toward the extreme end of that spectrum with a stunt that even the biggest daredevils might just shy away from.

In a display that’s known as “wing walking,” we catch up with someone who decides that, to get their fair share of excitement and adrenaline for the day, they’re going to walk around on the top of an airplane, exploring the wings in a downright crazy display as the plane hurls itself through the air and even finds itself upside down at times!

I guess that eventually, simply standing on the solid wings wasn’t enough as the stunt man decided to hurl himself into the open air, abandoning the airplane and relying on the parachute strapped to his back to safely deliver him to the ground with all of his body parts still intact.

Check out the video below that shows off this display of madness that will take you along for the ride of a lifetime. I know that this is definitely something that looks a lot easier from the ground than it does once you’re up in the sky and honestly, it’s even looking like a challenge from down here.

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