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Wiz Khalifa Takes Us On A Tour Of His $4.6 Million Dollar Home And Garage

When it comes to some of the most prominent figures that we see in Hollywood, the life associated with their earnings is quite lavish. For some entertainers, it gets to the point where it seems like they can almost purchase just about anything. Now, obviously, there’s always going to be some sort of exclusion with a concept like this. I’m not sure that there are too many people who would turn down the opportunity to live like Khalifa, though. With a prolific career, it seems like Wiz has really put together quite the pad for himself. It’s accompanied by quite the car collection, too.

In this one, we get to take a quick tour through that collection. It’s fun to see what kind of vehicles Khalifa enjoys get behind the wheel of. It seems like there’s a very strong influence of 1960s Chevrolet here. However, there’re also some sprinklings of modern Mopar power amongst others that slide their way in. Wiz even takes a minute to show us a vehicle bought to make up for an argument. You know that you’ve made it when somebody buys a car for you to make up for something.

We took the liberty of escorting the video below to the part at the end where he’s talking about his vehicles. However, for those who want to skip back and enjoy the rest of the house tour, they will find that Wiz has quite the layout. Of course, as somebody who is the face of marijuana culture, there’s quite the influence in the house from that as well. He even has extra rooms for his son and an awesome game room to top it all off! After taking the grand tour of Khalifa’s home, there’s no denying that Wiz is certainly living well these days.