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Woman Crashes Car Into Gas Station… All Bad

Because of all of the ill effects of an accident out on the open roadways, obviously, it’s something that we would probably all rather avoid at all costs. When it does end up unfolding in your lap, it’s not necessarily something that you can pick and choose where you want it to happen, either. However, if we were to pick an absolute worst place that one could possibly crash their vehicle, a gas station would probably take the cake there. With gasoline being one of those combustible substances on earth, you don’t necessarily want to find yourself crashing into it with your ball of heat.

Unfortunately, for this young lady driving her car, there would be no other option but to hold on and pray and she would eventually lose control of the vehicle and go airborne, heading toward a gas station that was probably operating on just another day’s schedule before this all happened and their world went into a frenzy.

It’s kind of hard to watch as the car goes airborne and eventually smashes through a couple of gas pumps before coming to a stop when the occupant would eventually stumble out of the car, probably with adrenaline flowing through her veins and not really able to process what just happened.

The video below shows that crazy moment that and nobody saw coming. I guess that, until you find yourself actually flying through the air and wondering where exactly it is that you’re going to land, nobody thinks that something like this is going to happen to them but, if you let your focus lapse for just a minute, this could really be a situation that could happen to just about anybody. Buckle up, boys and girls, because you never really know what’s coming when you head out on the roadways.


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Posted by WLBT 3 On Your Side on Thursday, June 21, 2018


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