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Woman fails to pay for waste disposal so ends up with waste dumped in her garden

When it comes to making sure that those bills are paid up on time, you had better watch who you’re delinquent to because sometimes, when you don’t pay for the services that you’ve been rendered, some people take it in their own hands to make sure that they get their money’s worth. This time, we check out some garbage men who decided that, after being shorted on pay, that they were going to go after revenge instead of trying to get their money. After what we’re told was five weeks of failure to pay, they decided to unleash their power in this unsuspecting woman’s yard.

Instead of continuing to bother her about paying the bill, they just decided that they would reverse the services that were supposed to be rendered as it looks like this lady rented a dumpster and left it for collection without paying. Instead of just collecting dumpster and taking the trash, absorbing the hit that they would take from not being paid, these guys decided to pick up the dumpster and unload the entire thing in her garden. That’s certainly going to be quite a shock when she discovers what happened with the waste that she thought was going to be carried away.

I guess that she could try and justify this in whatever way she wants but I suppose that if no payment was delivered for the services in question here, they had all the right to leave behind all the trash that wasn’t paid for to be removed from the property. Others might argue that there are more civil ways to take care of a problem like this, so be sure to sound off and tell us what you think of the way that these garbage men handled the issue at hand. Are you on their side or would you be raising hell if you were this customer?