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Woman Holding Child Escapes by Inches as Runaway Big Rig Nearly Flattens Them

Sometimes, when you’re presented with a situation, you’re left to act on your instincts to get you out of the position that may potentially be dangerous. Sometimes, you just never know what’s lurking around the corner so having a quick reaction to things that are presented to you could mean the difference between a potential life and death situation. In this scenario, that most certainly pans out to be the case as one woman really acted as fast as she possibly could in order to get herself and the child that she was holding out of harm’s way just in the nick of time.

This video below takes us to the scene of an incident that would unfold, almost in slow motion as a quick moving big rig would end up being dislodged from its course, eventually veering across our roadway to the point where it would collide with parked vehicles and eventually, almost take out the woman who really got her feet moving here. However, as she began to stray away from the incident, she would soon find herself a safe distance from danger. It almost wasn’t the case that she was able to escape at all, though, as sheer luck would be on her side, allowing her to not only keep her own life in one piece but also the life of the child that she was protecting.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll be able to see the entire moment as it unfolds in front of your eyes, and you see a situation that nearly mimics a sequence of events that you would see in a movie like Final Destination, with a little bit happier ending, that is. We would think that this woman should be counting her lucky stars because we could definitely see a situation where they weren’t making it out of this one.